One-stop centralized platform that helps patients and physicians sift quickly through overwhelming data. For social media–based recruitment to become a reality, several entities must unite within the same platform:

  • A database containing patient demographics and history to compare against clinical trial inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • A matching algorithm to accomplish that comparison.
  • Geographic mapping of studies based on the sites currently enrolling.
  • Modules for communication between different parties.


Patient self registration and privacy settings. Portal to search clinical trials and research centers based on algorithm and matching criteria. patients also have ability to search for areas of interest, including their own medical concerns and loved one, or to gain a greater understanding of clinical trials prior to taking action.


The extent to which trial or study informa tion is presented on a site is depend upon the opting-in and privacy settings of different parties into the system allowing patients, physicians, and researchers (and research sites, institutions, and companies) to determine their levels of data sharing and involvement.


Study-specific page present information about the study’s performance at sites across the nation and about the sponsoring company, site-specific, study-specific pages would include details such as a downloadable PDF of the study consent form or eConsent, a study synopsis from the principal investigator, and comparative statistics.


All parties choose to opt-in, details such as specific study personnel contact information, number of subjects enrolled in a given trial and at a given site, the follow-up timeline, and other pertinent information.


Plan and execute patient recruitment campaigns across multiple channels covering traditional and digital channels. Track activities and performance for each channels to better understand campaign effectiveness.


Plan and manage budgets to track how budgets are being utilized by each channel and service and track performance for the same. Analyse utilization on budgets in real-time with reports and dashboards.


Provides ability to publish recruitment campaigns to more than 15+ social media channels and track performance and response from each media. Easy navigation to branded study specific landing pages.


Create branded study specific web pages, microsites and landing pages with self assessment tools and registration right on the platform which does not require additional hosting or software.


Patient education include a historical background relevant to aspects of clinical trials, key term definitions, communicating expectations and other frequently asked questions.


Provides templates based self assessment questionnaire that can be customizd for each study and configurable rules to determine eligibility and helps automate pre-screening process.


Our patient referral solution streamline every aspect of the referral process – for patients and site staff. Provides ability to generate secure documents which can be sent to sites along with referrals.


Act as a semi-open forum for patient-research-physician communications. These communications may be public “posts” or private “messages” depending on the format in which they are submitted.